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🌿 My Story: Crafting Magic from Nature's Embrace 🌟

Greetings, kindred spirits! I'm Autumn, the heart and soul behind Journey There. Allow me to share the enchanted tale of how this magical journey began.

🌳 A Life of Healing and Spiritual Exploration: As a retired psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master, and lifelong student of Evolutionary Spirituality, my journey has been a dance between the realms of healing and the mysteries of the universe. I'm not just a creator; I'm a wife, a mom to two wonderful young men, a guardian to six fur babies, and a companion to a beautiful python.

🍃 Roots in Nature and Creation: Nature and creation have been my guiding lights. There's something profoundly spiritual about playing in the dirt in my garden and bringing ideas to life through art. These two realms have been integral to my own spiritual evolution.

🪄 The Whisper of Creation: The story of Journey There started one day as I found myself picking up sticks in the woods around my home. Amidst the whispers of the trees, I heard a clear message – "you should make wands." Initially dismissing it as a passing thought, the message persisted. It spoke to me like a gentle breeze weaving through the leaves. A few weeks later, I decided to heed the call, and I crafted my first two wands.

🌌 Guided by Spirit: Every creation at Journey There is a manifestation of the guidance received from Spirit. Custom pieces, in particular, are an intimate collaboration with your guides to craft a unique piece tailored just for you.

🌿 Working with the Elements: Nature's elements – wood, shells, feathers, crystals – are my chosen companions in the crafting of magical tools. Each piece is a testament to the profound connection between Earth and Spirit.

💫 A Grateful Journey: Journey There is not just a venture; it's a pilgrimage of gratitude. I am fortunate to spend time with these incredible medicines, and each creation is a testament to the magic they bring to our lives.

More than a Name: "Journey There" holds a special place in my heart. To me, "There" is not just a location; it's a sacred space we're all seeking, a destination where our souls yearn to evolve, grow, and heal.

🌌 The Essence of "There":

  • Evolution & Growth: "There" might be the space where we strive to evolve, where growth becomes a sacred journey.

  • Healing & Wholeness: It could be a place of healing, a destination where we work towards becoming whole.

  • Divinity Within: "There" might be the still, quiet place of Divinity within, found in the vastness of silence.

  • Other Dimensions & Realms: Or it could be "Out There," in another dimension or realm, waiting to be explored.

  • Goals, Dreams, Purpose: "There" may also be a goal, a dream, a purpose waiting to unfold.

  • Flow & Creativity: For some, "There" is a place of flow, creativity, and ceremony, where magic is woven into existence.

  • Communion & Connection: It's the space we create together in communion with each other, ourselves, or creation.

🌟 The Unique "There" Within Each of Us: Every individual's "There" is unique, a personal and sacred place that holds their dreams, aspirations, and the essence of their being.

💫 The Promise of Our Magical Tools: With Journey There, my hope is to offer tools that will assist you on your individual Journey There. Whether it's a crystal wand, smudge fan, or any other creation, may these magical tools be companions on your quest for growth, healing, and the realization of your unique "There."

🛍️ Connect with Your Magic: Explore the enchanting world of Journey There and discover tools infused with intention, love, and the spirit of "There." Let's walk this path together, creating a tapestry of individual "Theres" woven into a collective journey.