Ram, Ostrich, Goose, Peacock, Guinea Hen, Black Tourmaline, Zebra Stone Clearing, Grounding, Opening Smudge Fan, Native American, Reiki OOAK

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Shamanic Smudge Fan

Open & Aligned
Assists with Clearing Heavy Emotions & Thoughts; Aids with Spiritual Work & Healing; Encourages Releasing Old Patterns & Limitation; Enhances Wisdom, Intuition, Perseverance & Courage; Offers Protection & Grounding.

Ram Medicine - a determination, action, initiative, and leadership. Ram reminds us to be sensitive to others and ourselves and persevere; to never give up. Shows us that new beginnings and opportunities can be had with mere toe holds. Helps us to balance harmoniously in unstable places, keeping freedom to be ourselves.

Goose Medicine - Feathers - reminds us to follow our heart and not to be swayed by anothers dreams. Carries the energy of kindness and bravery. Aids in communication both verbal and non-verbal, heightens intuition and unity consciousness.

Ostrich Medicine - feather - The ostrich is the largest bird in the bird kingdom. Because it cannot fly its lesson is the importance of grounding. The ostrich teaches us that we can attain spiritual heights from a deeper rooted perspective. The ostrich symbolizes a strong desire to attain knowledge, this is apparent by the long neck that sticks upwards into the higher realm of learning. Reminds us to be ready for the next level of life lessons.

Peacock Medicine - Feathers - reminds us to see the beauty in life. Protective, grounding, often associated with greater vision and wisdom, reminds us to keep our support system firmly in place.

Guinea Hen Medicine - Feather - represents protection & groundedness, reminds us to allow individuality to shine.

Black Tourmaline - clears negative emotions and thoughts and opens you up to joy and honesty. Aids in the receptivity of inspiration and allows it to flow freely into your mind. Repels negative energy. Is a powerful protector. Helps you break through old patterns and fears, and cultivate inner wisdom, courage, stability and patience. Meditation with Black Tourmaline can enhance the integration of insights and visions into one's daily life.

Zebra Stone - can show us our own true natures and help us see past illusion. It is a grounding stone, which connect to mother earth, a great for doing spiritual and energy work. Is also very effective at protecting one's aura. Can help us connect to Divine energy and Love in the universe It's energies allow for greater control over thoughts, helping to keep a higher vibration available more often. Aids in manifestation and encourages enjoying life.

Infused with the energies of Reiki & The Councils of Light.

9 inches long.

Comes with a card that describes all the properties of the wand.

Instructions for caring for you wood - https://journeytherewands.wordpress.com

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