Antelope, Tangerine Lemurian Quartz & Larimar Shamanic Healing Wand, Magic, Reiki Energy Native American, OOAK, Divine Feminine,


Shamanic Healing Wand

Divine Priestess - Assists with Releasing Fear, Limitation, & Self Limiting Patterns; Supports Growth & Evolution; Encourages Stepping into Personal Power, Open Heart Centered Communication & Truly Knowing Yourself; Facilitates Communion with the Elementals, Dolphins & the Divine Feminine; Brings Courage, Determination, Intuition, Serenity & Wisdom.

Antelope Medicine - Horn - Symbolizes adaptability of mind, speed and action. Antelope teaches the path of safety, harmony and peace, since the antelope defines the realm of spirit, which ultimately guides you to your internal peace, harmony and your own safety. Anyone following the realm of spirit must find themselves choosing the right path and stay on that path till the end. The intrinsic clan of antelope shows the values of knowing yourself. Allow Antelope to help discover your abilities as well as your weaknesses, to get a firm hold on your inner-self, on your intuition. Have faith in yourself and hold the belief in your abilities. Speaks to the need to find likeminded people that you can trust and be open with.

Tangerine Lemurian Quartz - transmit a sense of oneness and unity, of every individual part being equal and no better than any other part, and the necessary for love in order to evolve. Lemurians come into our lives at a major time of growth and evolution and bring with them the necessary tools for us to shift to higher consciousness. Is a great stone for releasing fear. It brings courage, hope, fertility, possibility and creative problem-solving skills to the bearer; it activates both the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, pulling you right into your personal power - connecting you with your inner warrior in a profound way.

Larimar - embodies the tranquil Sea and Sky energies, yet was born of Fire. Brings the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and the healing power of dolphins to harmonize the body and soul. Powerful connection to the Divine Feminine. Is helpful in releasing emotional bonds, patterns and what no longer serves. It is particularly helpful with removing guilt and fear and healing trauma to the heart. Removes self-imposed blockages, dissolves self-sabotaging behavior, especially a tendency toward martyrdom. When moving through periods of stress or change, it enables meeting challenges with balance. Is a stone of serenity, promoting relaxation. A crystal of the throat chakra and unleashes the voice of one's deepest wisdom. Stone of clear communication, provides strength and courage to speak openly from the heart. Spiritually empowering, dissolving boundaries that constrain the spiritual self and guiding to the soul's true path.

Infused with the energies of Reiki & The Councils of Light.

15 inches long, Tangerine Quartz 3.5 inches.

Comes with a card that describes all the properties of the wood, stones, and animals.

Instructions for caring for you wood -


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A wand or rattle can be custom made for you. Either as you would like; using the crystals, woods, animals that you ask for. Or can be channelled from spirit and your guides specifically for you. Contact Autumn for more information.

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