Shamanic Healing Rattle, Leopard Wood, Sea Urchin, Unakite, Texas Selenite, Pink Moss Agate Shaker, Energy Healing, Native American, OOAK

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Shamanic Healing Rattle

Infinite Possibility - Assists with Clearing Blockages & Grounding; Activates 3rd Eye & Heart Chakras; Encourages Spiritual Growth, Flexibility, Courage, Self Expression and Belief in Possibilities; Aids with Inner Work Related to Self Confidence & Worth.

Leopard Wood - Draws heavily from the element of Pacha Mama. Enhances strength and creativity. Used for protection and creation. Excellent for seeing the possibilities in all.

Sea Urchin Medicine – teaches discernment, tenacity and patience. Nothing is impossible when Urchin is guiding.

Unakite – Stone of Vision, balances emotions w/ spirituality, activates the 3rd eye, can be grounding when needed. Assists w/ bringing Light, integrating insights, promoting spiritual growth, reaching rood causes allowing them to surface and be transformed.

Texas Selenite - Use it to clear your Chakras of blockages and heal your physical body. It balances your relationship with the Universe, assists you in connecting with other people and all of life. It lets you consciously understand your own Truth, the part of yourself that is pure spirit, helping you to work with your purpose for being in this physical existence. Has the ability to help you filter out ego-based messages and thoughts, it is an excellent crystal for meditation. A stone of mental clarity, enhancing mental flexibility, strengthening decisions, and also helping to clear up mental confusion.

Pink Moss Agate - great for recovery after a prolonged illness or debilitating sickness. It works on the emotions and heals them and greatly helps with self expression. Very loving and resonates with the heart chakra - repairing any emotional unbalances or problems with relationships. Agate Pink Moss is grounding. Gives courage, emotional strength, self confidence and dispels fears. Assists with acceptance, very beneficial for self examination. Superior for easing anxiety and stress.

Pheasant Medicine - Feather – Carries the symbolism of creativity, individuality and protection when needed. Reminds us to enjoy the beauty in life. Pheasants resiliency reminds us to not give up.

Rice – Symbolizing prosperity & health.
Broccoli Seeds – Symbolizing our need for spiritual nourishment.

Infused with the energies of Reiki & The Councils of Light.

10 inches long, Sea Urchin 4 inches around.

Comes with a card that describes all the properties of the wood, stones, and animals.

Instructions for caring for you wood -


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A wand or rattle can be custom made for you. Either as you would like; using the crystals, woods, animals that you ask for. Or can be channelled from spirit and your guides specifically for you. Contact Autumn for more information.

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