Antelope, Merlinite Indigo Gabbro, Tektite, Amethyst, Hypersthene, Ayahuasca, Raven Healing Magic Wand, Reiki Energy, OOAK Native American


Ayahuasca Shamanic Healing Wand

Intuitive Magic - Assists with Stimulating Deep Intuition, Knowing & Psychic Gifts; Aids in Connecting Deeply to Higher Realms; Encourages Healing, Releasing Limitations & Transmuting Fear; Encourages, Creativity, Harmony, Forgiveness, Courage & Spiritual Growth.

Antelope Medicine – Horn - Symbolically reminding us to take care of ourselves, to be adaptable and discerning. Antelope herds move in unison and communicate telepathically, reminding us to find a tribe of people that we can truly trust. And to honor the quiet messages we receive intuitively. Antelopes have different types of horns reminding us that each of us has unique psychic gifts and that they grow when we give attention to them.

Merlinite- Indigo Gabbro - a stone of duality... of black and white... and light and dark. This is a stone that attracts powerful magic and good luck into your life. Allows you to access the energy of the natural world and communicate with elementals. Is a stone that stimulates deep intuition, psychic knowing and spiritual mediumship, and will aid you to make contact with guides and teachers in the higher realms. A stone of harmony that aids the birth of creativity and clear psychic visions, and it will aid you to access higher spiritual energy. 

Amethyst – powerful protective stone; strong healing and cleansing powers; enhances spiritual awareness, promotes love and forgiveness; encourages selflessness, promotes emotional centering; dispels fear and anger; calming and stimulating synergy; balances and connects physical, mental and emotional bodies linking them to the spiritual.

Tektite - Zingy and expansive, can take you to new heights. They do it by grounding their energy through you, cleaning up whatever is in the way so it can ground. Bringing a big bang of energy that comes from being grounded, connected and aligned. Opens channels of communication with other dimensions and worlds. Helps you to be strong in your own presence and power and are a great tool for releasing blocks. They are also used to strengthen your energy field and are excellent for use in channeling and healing.

Hypersthene - calms, sooths, and quiets in general, and is especially helpful when the mind is overactive, shielding us from outside 'noise' in a velvety, protective cocoon. Arranges both energy and thought in a more organized manner. By calming, grounding and protecting, it is an excellent aid to deep meditation, profound inner reflection, and can take you on journeys into other dimensions of consciousness, travelling beyond the limitations of body and mind. Stimulates the intuitive abilities of the third eye chakra, and can accelerate the development of clairaudience. Helps one to release an over-possessive ego around issues of self criticism and pride.

Ayahuasca Medicine – Vine – Master Healer from the Amazon. Facilitates true healing that puts into order the body, mind and spirit with the past, present and future. Assists with a deeper vision.

Raven Medicine - wisdom includes introspection, courage, self-knowledge, magic, healing, creation, rebirth, keeper of secrets, master magician, shape shifter, mysticism. Ravens bear magic and mysticism, and have a long history of myth. Shamans know the power of an unexpected piercing sound in shifting consciousness. Ravens have this power, giving out varied sounds, and can assist us in shifting our consciousness into various dimensional realms. When Raven comes into your life expect continual changes and spiritual awakenings. Ravens are linked to the void, where universal secrets are kept. Are master magicians and represent transformational energy, revealing to us how to rid ourselves of our inner fears.

Infused with the energies of Reiki & The Councils of Light.

13 inches; Merlinite 3 inch Sphere.

Comes with a card that describes all the properties of the wand, perfect for gift giving.

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A wand or rattle can be custom made for you. Either as you would like; using the crystals, woods, animals that you ask for. Or can be channelled from spirit and your guides specifically for you. Contact Autumn for more information.

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