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I am a wife, Mom to 2 awesome sons, a therapist, a Reiki Master and have studied Shamanism and Evolutionary Spirituality for 9 years. I got the nudge from spirit to start making wands one day as I was picking up sticks in the yard (I live in the woods, so there are always a lot of sticks and much of the wood I use comes from my yard).

The wands and rattles have changed some over time, but I am always amazed at what gets created when I'm in the flow of spirit. I am very honored that my work is in the hands of many healers and light workers around the world. I just love hearing stories of how the wands haven helped others. Here's just one.

"Spirit certainly was with you the day you created my custom wand with Malachite and Azurite stones and a Mimosa base. They were right about the combination being great for my migraines; I haven’t had one since I received your most generous gift. Several times I had an aura of an impending headache, but I grabbed the wand and, within minutes, all symptoms were alleviated. Thank you again for your compassion and generosity. I truly appreciate the wand and your special gifts." Ted Backes

I'm often asked how do I choose a wand, I always say trust your gut, you will be drawn to the one that will be of most service to you. You are always welcome to email me any questions you have or is you would like to have a wand or rattle intuitively made just for you.

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